Step 2 It Challenge

When individuals are asked to exercise more, sometimes they aren't very receptive to the idea. But when they are invited to take short, low-impact walks that are easy to fit into their days, that sparks an interest. Combine that interest with the motivational support of Live Healthy America’s Step 2 It Challenge, and you get excitement, engagement AND particpation! Throughout this challenge, you will reap the health benefits of increased activity by getting out from behind your desk and up off the couch!

October 2 - November 10, 2017

Cost: $20 per participant

The Live Healthy Step 2 It Walking Challenge encourages teams and individuals to get out from behind their desks and off the couch to participate in effective, low-impact physical activity.

Ready to sign up? Download the administrator form to get started. After you submit the form, you will be contacted by a representative of Live Healthy America to answer any questions and explain the next step in setting up your company or group program.

Employees have the ability to form teams of 2-10 adults to help motivate, support and encourage one another to get moving. Each team will need to choose one person to be their team captain. (It is suggested that this person will have regular computer and internet access.) Through this website, team captains can register a team and team members can report their progress weekly. This site also provides a daily tracker and message center to help keep team members connected, involved and motivated to make lifestyle changes to reach their walking goals.

All Live Healthy participants will be provided with the following:

  • Pedometer
  • An online daily tracker to help you track your steps
  • An online messaging center that will allow you to communicate with your teammates and support one another
  • Accredited and current information to help you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy manner
  • Health tools including workout videos, fitness plans, healthy recipes and food log
  • Weekly motivational newsletters from Live Healthy containing helpful tips about how to add more steps into your daily routine

If you are already a captain of one team and wish to register another team and act as their team captain, please enter in the Group ID on the homepage and then login as a Returning User on the registraiton page. However, you may only record your steps under one team.

Registration opens September 11th, 2017 so begin gathering team members and encourage others to get out from behind their desks and up off the couch to get moving!


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